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Partnered in Love and Art, Jendog Lonewolf & YaliniDream joined forces in 2011 to commemorate lives lost to police brutality.  A Self-proclaimed Ghetto Ambassador, born & bred in pre-gentrified Bushwick, Brooklyn, Jendog Lonewolf navigates multiple spaces as a Two-Spirit artist that sits at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality.  From ages 13-16, she lived on the streets as a runaway, hitchhiking to California at 14: “Bred during some of NYC's ugliest eras, I’ve witnessed, first-hand, the neglect & criminalization of the poor."  Jendog has delivered the essence of Hip Hop culture & music as a voice of the People for 15 years.  A Sri Lankan Tamil raised in OUTside lands, YaliniDream conjures Spirit-- opening space for silenced issues in Sri Lanka’s diaspora, including critiques of all armed actors (state, rebel, paramilitary, and gangs), gendered violence, and Queer sexuality.  She has 15 years experience using artistic tools for healing, organizing & empowerment and was a founding member of Audre Lorde Project's SOS Collective.  Rooted in ending the full continuum of violence and exploitation from the intimate to the global, from the street to the state, DreamWolf invokes a masterful collision of Hip Hop, poetry, theater & dance in their collaborative work, Above Street Level.  DreamWolf has performed internationally in Africa, Asia, and North America, shared stages with icons like Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Harry Belafonte, and Joan Baez, facilitated workshops in 'hoods from townships to resettlement villages, and performed at elite institutions such as Stanford and Harvard.