Photo Credit: Katie Simmons-Barth

#BlackTransMagick, is both the administrative team for awQward talent as well as a performance duo. 

As performers, poet/educator J Mase III & poet/mc/percussionist Vita E. have toured the country and the world. Being featured for their solo work in such publications as Buzzfeed, Colorlines, the New York Times, the Root, the Huffington Post and more, these two together create a powerhouse of words, spit, drums and pure Black Trans Liberation. 

When these two are not on stage, they spend their days coordinating performances for, and negotiating fair wages for, the artists on the awQward talent roster. awQward being a collective dedicated to the financial sustainability of trans & queer artists of color, these two create a space not just to curate talented performers and orators, but to delve deeply into cooperative economics. In addition to their daily administrative work, these two provide free and low cost consultations to trans & queer artists of color seeking to turn their artistic skills into a workable career, as well as have provided numerous small emergency grants for trans artists of color in crisis.
"We are a multi-gendered piece of Black Trans, multi-faith, neurodivergent, clay seeking to make a world for ourselves and those like us to rebuild in. 
For the masses we exist as poets and beats, but to those who we call family, call artists, call Black & Brown trans creators, call queer artists of color, call wisdom seekers, we are part of the very real revolution centering Black trans people."